An Intership I would not want


Watching the previews for the film, I was filled with such excitement and eager anticipation as soon as I saw this trailer. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson together again after such good films as Wedding Crashers, a blockbuster smash, and that is exactly what I was expecting when these two met up again. The Internship, however, was extremely disappointing and left me underwhelmed in the first 20 minutes and it’s a two hour movie folks. Owen Wilson’s character Nicky says at the beginning, “Imagine the greatest amusement park you remember as a kid. Now, picture something nothing like it, but way better.” That was my vision for this film and it frankly fell flat on so many levels. There was such an utter disconnect between scenes and key plot events.
Once the two get to Google to become interns they cannot get into a group for the summer because they stick out like sore thumbs. It only gets worse when the “team” of left overs bonds because they use a strip club and excessive drinking as a vehicle to bond and grow as a group. It is in poor taste and not even remotely amusing. The plot just isn’t believable, in fact it appears that there are many plot lines fighting each other and the immense number of pep talks given by our lead characters borders on the ridiculous and then crosses that line. Even the characters are annoyed by that.
By the end of the movie, you cannot stand the characters you are fed up with the plot line, and any glimmer of hope that this movie is going in a positive directions fades quickly. It is hopelessly vulgar at times and becomes predictable. The amount of pomp and circumstance at the end is not amusing but made me pause and try to remember why I even wanted to watch this in the first place. The entire movie is over the top, disconnected, and strange. I suppose it was supposed to be about two older men achieving their dreams. It wasn’t inspirational despite the pep talks that made me want to scream. There are well made inspirational movies. This is not one of them. Skip The internship and do something else with those precious two hours of your life.


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