Going Too Far: Cyberbu//y


It starts out as a typical movie with teens. There are different clicks and the mean girls but Cyberbu//y shows a side of high school that few movies do. Taylor our main character is going through life enjoying it and still having her ups and downs. It is when she gets a computer that the bullying she receives at school transforms into unbearable. The acting is not outstanding, but the portrayal is chillingly similar to reality and an issue that so many people push aside until it is too late. Taylor almost takes her own life as a result of the teasing and bullying. They make videos and worse of all her best friend makes a profile as a guy who she shares deep private secrets with and then posts that not only did they have sex, but she gave him an STD.

The powerful part in this movie is someone who gets teased nonstop because he is gay. He tries to confide in her that he is being bullied too but she brushes it off. It is only when she joins a support group that her eyes are open fully to his pain and what he goes through. This character is truly brave because he goes to school being bullied and somehow handles all the awful things being thrown at him. All the people that do nothing or her friend that stops hanging out with her because she is bullied, I mean, this movie has it spot on. So many people even people that care about you are afraid to speak up. Even when the mom confronts the bully’s father he denies everything. That part is a display of how ignorant parents and adults can be to what a serious problem it is whether they are being bullied or bullying someone else.

At the end, everyone stands up for the bully and everyone applauds in a cheesy and unrealistic fashion. This part would be nice but it is not realistic that you would give three friends that betrayed you in different capacities another chance. Taylor must be really forgiving, but it wouldn’t happen. The pain that she went through would still be there and serve as a warning. Maybe you can forgive. I just don’t know. The movie dragged a bit, attempting to build suspense and had a lot going on at the end. If it was less complicated it would have been much better. However, everyone can relate to this movie.

I have been bullied so watching this brought back pain and anger. it was difficult to watch her unravel because there were moments in high school I unraveled from the pain. Every parent should see this to understand not just cyber bullying, but bullying in general. Sometimes they only understand when it is too late. Despite, lacking a good film quality, the silver lining and the idea of a support group to know you’re not alone are excellent ideas. Cyberbu//y opens a disturbing world for us, one we as human beings need to not turn a blind eye to.


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