What is a life of purpose?


Mistakenly listed under comedies of 2010, I eagerly turned on The Joneses only to discover this was not a comedy at all, but by the end I was so glad of the websites error in judgment. I was in the mood for laughs, but got something with substance in this film. This movie seems like a plot that wouldn’t actually work for when my sister read the plot I literally groaned. A group of four people posing as a family in order to sell products to everyone around their affluent neighborhood: please there was no way this was going to turn into a movie worth seeing. I was wrong though, and shocked by the depth and layers that this movie had. It shows the greed of society, that dying need to fit in. It has things we all struggle with one being: how quickly are we willing to let others influence our individuality. One man in this film goes too far and ends up taking his own life when the lifestyle of the rich and famous is one he can no longer swallow. One of the main characters, Steve soon discovers he is “selling a lifestyle” and begins getting really good at convincing people of the products. Being a rookie, he wrestles with wanting a real family. It is these psychological and emotional aspects of this film are what make it unforgettable.

Imagine this life for yourself. You have it all but really you have nothing. Sure you have money, a beautiful house. When it comes to a life of meaning or love well Steve discovering he wants those things and will blow his cover to be with Demi Moore’s character while they all run away proves he didn’t slip into the lifestyle. What blew my mind what the son that came out but maintained this fake lifestyle said “Steve I am in college and I am out. I don’t have to hide anymore”. The irony is his life isn’t real and he doesn’t comprehend that. He is still hiding and pretending to be someone he is not. Steve was not sucked into this lifestyle. I believe that they could have done even more with this film but it is worth seeing so that you can ask yourself: How far would I go to fit in or become an outsider to maintain my individuality?


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