Life is like a walk in the park.


Life is like a walk in the park. When you are born you learn the images and sounds until you produce the memory of where you are- a happy place. As you grow up, you outgrow the play ground. There ends your childhood, the kissed injures now just a memory in a glass bottle somewhere. Now you are on to the adulthood of the park, and if you thought childhood was hard just wait. Now you have a job, you job is to walk. The destination does not matter. It’s what you do along the way that counts. For example, when you come across a problem a branch loose off a tree it falls blocking your path. This could be a doctor’s visit or a broken bone. Suddenly you hit a fork in the road. Do I go to Harvard or a community college? Do I become a doctor or a teacher? The forks in life are varied so choose wisely. A meeting with an old friend enlightens you but you’ll need it for what’s coming up. A rough storm picks up suddenly but it is too late to run and hide. The dirty face of suicide has shown itself for the first time in your life, your friend lies on the ground still clutching the gun that ended his life. This storm is a metaphor for what’s going on inside. You better be ready for it, or you just might crash. You are now 24 and out of college when you bump into someone for the first time. One thing leads to another and suddenly 25 years and 4 children later you are exhausted but not giving up. Then the dreaded stalker approaches as night falls. It’s the cancer from your childhood. It’s come back! You winning the lottery couldn’t cheer you up now. Then, suddenly you are no longer in charge of your own decisions. A higher power, a “heavenly” light has taken you to a different park – a park of stones, sadness, and tears. You are laid down for the last time. One fork I hope you enjoyed was the fork when you decided to read my “essay”. Exhausted? Well, for you, life’s just a walk in the park.


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