At Worse or at Best


Paris, Warsaw, Rome
Quite Far away from home
Never been on a plane before
My friends think I’m insane.
Traveling is quite an endeavor
Though I’ve never actually never
Been past U.S. borders, which are limits,
Two sad words. I hear rather I’ve heard
In my head
Sneak slyly to Europe
Get yourself up from your bed

Paris- The tower, the Arc
The Louvre Museum, Notre Dame
But I want to go with you
Not someone like my mom
I would simple as pie, make a plan
Do whatever I can
Sell my books, clothes, sell it ALL
I want to see my hopes rise, not fall
Rise like a falcon from a sycamore tree
Fly me to Paris by 3:00
With you, my male companion
I would ask, you wouldn’t say no
I’d go with you even if we had to walk
to the airport in a blizzard
if I had to duel with an experienced wizard
Or perhaps box an oversized lizard
Just to see if the grass is greener when
You paint it, mixing your own shade by yourself

I swear I’d do everything
The packing the cleaning
Dreaming, gleaming
Anything just myself
Pm that plane
No, I’ll travel first class with you,
With coca-cola in my glass

I take you show you things I’ve never seen
Show you where my country bleeds from
The unhealed wounds of a mad man’s past
From the concentration Camps and the world’s largest cemetery are there
On the camp and poof
Suddenly you are hit with it
The cold truth

Off to Rome
To visit a dome
To hold your hand
In a foreign land
Just us two SHOPPING!
Dior, Chanel
I demand to see it with my own eyes
Not some “surprise” from a photo album

Too see is to believe
I must, I crave with my entire being- to see the world
My heart is now trapped in gallows
Restraints leave me trapped
My mind is zapped of all rational thought

I would so do whatever it is they do
In planes
Hold onto my fun by the reins
Me, you, and our favorite musicians and movie stars
We would hold a most lavish feast, an exquisite party for exquisite people

I would wear an elegant sapphire dress
Stunning, speechless, the beauty that
Transcends comprehension
I want to see snowflakes upon our arrival
You quickly, gentle place your jacket
Upon my nervous shoulder, the ones your hands calm
Crystals of snow falling upon
Our could-not-be-more-perfect
First Kiss

Eventually overcome by sleep
I would escape to the subconscious
Resting gracefully on your shoulders
Gentle yet firm
As I start to squirm you lull
Me back to sleep
I want this European Quest of three cities to be
Best at worst
And Phenomenal at best.


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