My garden brought to life


My blooming garden of life
Some friendships in my life are blossoming
I’m watering them regularly
They face the sun and take in her rays
I give and take – we all do just fine

There’s a lot I neglected to water
And are starting to wilt
The stem slumped downward
There’s some I haven’t watered my entire life
And are in full bloom
These are people
Who have grown attached to me

There are a select few though,
I think I gave too much loving care to
I over watered and exposed to too much sun light
The one cream white rose
I didn’t mean to
I just wanted a budding romance
Cream white roses that whisper passion and love
And these flowers pink coral, a delicate kind and

My favorite ones are somehow saturated with this poison
My lower lip is trembling
As the metaphorical poison
Corrodes then shatters my heart
Like a mirror someone struck

So left in my garden
Are the weeds which are people
Who aren’t fond of me
Then there are lilies my gal pals
Next a bush of blood red roses
Those are like boys, gorgeous but everyone with a thorn
Then there are the ones that have always been there
The daffodils and daisies and carnations – my family
Followed in close secession by the few foxgloves my closest and dearest
And then the dead ones
And those unpredictable ones
A four leaf clover maybe bring luck
But what about a thin layer of poison ivy coating my heart
A garden is a place where balance is brought to
My soul, I am currently looking for it


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