My thought on (some) stroller moms


Who is the absolutely most annoying person to encounter in a mall? Is it the group of tweens taking up the walkway or collapsing the stairs? Is it the couple whose PDA would make a playboy bunny blush? Or the little kids running around in circles screaming? Is it perhaps those kiosk workers who ask you to try their products? No. I have been recently in shopping malls way too often and I have come across an answer. It is stroller moms. First, I thought it was a coincidence. I kept getting hit. Or dagger eyes thrown at me. Soon I noticed a pattern emerge. These women charge you with their strollers, using their baby or young child as a weapon. Have you ever been hit by a stroller mom? She will look at you like it is your fault, that is if she looks at all. It is ridiculous. I have seen stroller moms drag strollers down the stairs, a long flight of stairs, with the child inside mind you. It is strange to me that they are so aggressive. I understand that they have a baby, but but behaving that way, I do not care. They need to calm the hell down. The mall is for everyone. You have a child. Fantastic. Do not use it as an excuse to be rude. There are enough things to deal with at the mall as it is. Why create another problem?


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