That’s Life (What was in my favorite wallet)


Sometimes, a person needs to forget all the questions in order to find answers. Having an open mind and not having a bias would help to assess a wallet, a purse, or a backpack and establish an identity. Wallets may be filled with photos of loved ones, money, credit cards, department store charge cards, grocery lists, receipts, lists, ticket stubs, and other various items which when taken into account can tell a lot about a person’s interests, their favorite colors, what they like to buy, and how much their family means to them. Sometimes a wallet may only contain money and does not tell you anything about a person’s identity. This is not the case with my wallet, a gift from my oldest sister. It looks simple on the outside but is not so simple on the inside.

With its black exterior with a silver G for Guess, the back pocket reveals my loose change and a purple crane I received for good luck. I also keep a two dollar bill in there for good luck. (One can never have too much luck.) In place of identification there are, two matching fortunes reading: just be yourself, you are wonderful. One night when my sisters and I ventured to a Chinese restaurant we the twins (my twin and I) received identical fortunes. I keep them in my wallet for inspiration. My I.D. is located on one side of the wallet along with a few receipts. The most endearing feature of my wallet would be the forty some odd ticket studs from the theater. This is my ultimate hobby, going out to see movies, and perhaps only a small scope of what it means to be me. An Oakton ID, as well as a Hallmark card, my Maine East ID, and my library card are all in the last pocket. Therefore, my wallet would give you the feeling my life is shaped by personal choice even though I didn’t choose the wallet itself.

However, my wallet can’t tell you everything about me. But through the contents of my wallet you couldn’t know my favorite foods or where I like to shop. Personality traits would be hard to trace from just judging my money-holder. How would you know my mental and emotional build? That measly piece of leather wouldn’t tell you of my heartbreaks, my beloved music, my nationality, or anything significant about me. It would take a very perceptive person to analyze what’s mostly common and locate a human being in that clutter, an identity based on a few items within a wallet. I suppose it could be meaningless or maybe just I don’t consider my wallet or display its content to anyone. If someone were to take it, I don’t think I’d enjoy that person psychoanalyzing me based on my wallet. Although, I admit it would be something if they could gather much substantial information from it without explanation. That’s life, I guess.


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