High on the list on things I hate


High on the list of things I hate
Broken rulers, being dreadfully late
Burning something or worse leaving it uncooked
Going to a hotel only to find out they’re booked
Self- help books and a huge flood
When my brand new shoes get caked in filthy mud

Cruelties towards an animals or human soul
Finding out your favorite team lost by one goal
When your dress tears apart at the seams
You wish that it was a sequence of bad dreams
(Yes I even hating the wishing, the lies we have to tell ourselves to stay okay)
When nature’s fury causes us to question our fate
These are high on the list of things I hate

When you end up questioning everything you’ve ever done
If you have not, it is time you’ve begun
When you look in the mirror and
You truly don’t love it, you take your hands and pray
When you have a craving for something and the store is fresh out
When you’re baby cousin does nothing but screech and shout

But something I don’t hate per say but
Something that makes me cry when it occurs this way
Is when I am sad
And no one knows why
Instead of advice or comfort of any kind
They sit there stuck on rewind
No knowing that the only thing worse
Then any problem, burden or curse
Is facing this world alone


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