The Dazzle that is my Desk


To the untrained eye, my desk looks like the aftermath of an earthquake with various objects scattered in every nook.
I see it for the sanctuary it is.
Pictures of my twin and I adorn the desk.
Glistening frames covered in shimmering purple stickers or funny catchphrases are possibly sensory overload.
I love the memories the picture evoke like where we were and who we were and how that has changed.
My snow globes are my pride and joy. Whenever I want to see snow, I furiously shake them.
They remind me life is fragile. Yet Beautiful.
They glow with an essence of childlike whimsy.
Finally, my box of secrets. It is unmistakably something special.
Covered in studs and pearls which are my personality, they add to the cream colored silk, a sort of decadence.
All my secrets lie inside and that’s the perfect place for them to hide.


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