Let’s talk about… “Sex Tape”: Quite the Adventure


At first “Sex Tape” seems very well thought out and quite clever. Jay (Jason Siegel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) are madly in love and having sex all the time. I mean it is a wild f… fest. It is quite a lot of sex at the beginning. Then they have two kids and their time for each other, for dinner or anything especially sex goes out the window which is portrayed in a humorous light.

A typical story apparently, although I have not gone through it and cannot confirm nor deny that this is the way it goes. They are too tired and not communicating when Annie out of the blue has the idea to make a sex tape where they do even position from the book The Joy of Sex. The scene ends with them sleepy and her asking him to delete it. This movie is very funny with the banter between Ronnie (Jay’s best friend) and Jay and the behavior of the adults when the sex tape is leaked. Annie is horrified because she is supposed to be a “wholesome” mom on this blog that a company wants to buy and the CEO received a copy of the sex tape because Jay gives all his old I-pads away. There is someone secretly texting them that they have the tape and the culprit is shocking and hilarious. It is outrageous at times with a dog chase scene that goes on way too long. I did enjoy this movie but I have mixed review for it. It is witty and clever. However, there are some scenes which cause the quality of the whole film to be brought down. The end is cute and I appreciate it, but leading up to the end there are some questionable director decisions. Jason Siegel and Cameron Diaz have this amazing chemistry as a couple. I recommend Sex Tape. Maybe you will get something different out of it then I did. That is the beauty of film.


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