A Love Letter that should have been in Frankstein: Dearest Victor…


Dearest Victor,
I remember many moments in our wondrous lives, but it is this one moment I choose to share with you on this faithful day, today, our wedding. You probably don’t remember this day in great detail but I with such precision recall the day I am able to sketch it for your mind to see. We were out in the meadow; William was quite a young boy. It was the day I fell in love with you. Granted the prior days showed signs of our budding love. That day set forth the motions that brings us to today. You seemed so bothered, pestered, preoccupied with things I’m not certain of and I don’t truly understand. Love is a complex concept, I see that now. I do know this; I still have that sea shell you instructed me to keep. I still have permanently placed in my mind the way you looked at me. Truly Victor, I give you all of me, mind, body, and soul. I must now seal this letter for I hear approaching footsteps. They must be yours! Oh, my Victor! We are together at last!

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