My greatest, strongest love
My deepest, darkest pain
So far apart
It hurts and burns my brain
To think how close we always were
In body and in spirit
To think how intensely I’m missing her
I go to sleep thinking of the day
We’ll sit together again some way
I’ll hold her in my arms
I’ll use my magic charms
To keep us together
It’s all I want all the time
No reason no rhyme
I love her
She is my twin and my whole heart
Without seeing her, it’s tearing at my soul
For only next to her do I feel whole.
It’s Distance.
But there is always my resistance.
I realize we grow up and we move as planned.
But across this land or across the sea.
I will find a way too see her and for her to see me.
I freely give up all gifts and toys and any other prize
Just to look her in the eyes and say how much I’ve missed her.



Spinning swinging swirling
Watching it
Spinning swinging swirling
Azure blue and Kelly green
Sparkle and shine
The only happy thing
Watching over my dad
He sleeps uncomfortably
Dreams of being free
Out of the hospital
And so it spins
Never loses always wins
Everyone smiles briefly when they see it
And the message is universal: