I don’t mean to be harsh, but Horrible: Horrible Bosses 2


Horrible bosses 2 was a movie I agreed to see reluctantly. I would like to go back in time and unsee this film. The word in the title explains this movie best and simply : It was horrible. The characters are crass and predicable. The plot
is so strange and does not even entertain. It makes you laugh probably its only redeemable quality. It is unnecessarily vulgar at times. It is not a strong movie. Even the over the top humor is inconsistent. Also, this movie has an identity crisis is it a comedy or action? That struggle to play both sides is a reason that this movie wasn’t good. I am struggling to put into words how much I disliked this movie. I was fair and unbiased. I laughed. Even after seeing the first installment, I gave it another chance with this sequence. I agreed to this over other films.

I cannot with good faith recommend this movie.

I wish my review could be longer, but it is simple. Poor acting, poor plot, over acting, and general discomfort created for the viewer. Maybe there exists an audience for this view.

I am not that audience and I recommend strongly to avoid this film.


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