Pandora’s Box <>


Wish I had something to eat

Anything would be a treat

My hands are trembling to and fro

Body doesn’t know which way to go

There are no decent distractions in sight

My body’s going to have to fight

Nightmares are spinning but I’m wide awake

My heart’s going to rip out of my chest,

How much more can I take

I decide, this time, I’m going to defeat it

This is the time I will proudly say, I beat it

To no avail are my wishes, for they

burn up in a cloud of dust

I must leave, I MUST

before I pass out on my classmates

Taylor or Adrian

So I glance at the clock

Thirty minutes

Inside my adrenaline is pounding

The alarms are sounding

Run, leave, escape, my feet are stuck

I tuck my pen around my fingers

They swell the longer the pen lingers

Then, I almost cry out in agony and pain

My blood begins to drain

Out of my head

and down it goes

I feel it rushing past my nose to my toes

now I ask or rather plead for help

My speech is not concise but a yelp

I begin my walk of shame

with nothing and no one to blame

Out the classroom across the strange soggy carpet

down the staircase my pace so fast

The Pandora’s box of terror and fear

no longer cloudy but crystal clear

me taking refuge in

the nurse’s office

I lost the battle no one can win

because once Pandora’s box is unlocked

It takes a certain spell to lock

her and her trickery back in.


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