The New Cold Wars: Can we Stop the Wheels from Turning?


I feel so hot (Not that kind either)

Although I just showered, dressed, and brushed my hair

I’m immersed in this awful sweat

Running my hands under frigid water does nothing for

There has been nothing to make me feel cool yet

I type out these haphazard words, sentences, and pages

while outside the walls of my home war rages

America is in three wars I believe, three more than

I want to conceive.

I’m delirious, dizzy and spinning through time and through space

I feel lost in life like I don’t have a place

Everything is different that what I had thought

For what it is worth I loved him a lot

I belong at Shimer college with my friends all around

For I know they won’t bring me down.

Again the cold and bullets I sweat

Getting better for tomorrow?

Not an option yet.

My poem is confusing

It is taking all my current thoughts

Friends, love, love lost, my cold, the wars, the new cold war

I cannot seem to untangle my thoughts

I better get better if I am to find what is lost.

And recognize we could be on the brink of a new cold war.

The one I battle, cuddled up on the couch can be won.

What can be done so that the other wars are over?

When does their hardship end>?

I complain about this cold, but I will be fine in a few days.

What about the world?

When will it find solace?

I recognize there will always be conflict, but

will there always be suffering of that magnitude?

I ask everyone citizen of this earth —

What can be done against such adversity?


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