The Smile you can Sense


I can sense my dad smile through the phone
His smile is wide and it is kind. It is not deceitful or trying too hard. His smile is not for attention or affirmation. It isn’t to prove a point or comfort. But it proves love and it comforts my heart. In my darkest moments his smile has
been the light at the end of a never ending tunnel. I remember the table crashing down on my foot in crew. I remember the moment before I fainted in gym.
I remember the swollen ankle after I fell on the ice.  I remember the hospitals…. And most of all I remember thinking I need my father. And I think that is ok. He is my rock. As we talk on the phone, I’m coughing from a bad cold and had a long
day. But I can sense his grin and my mind is at ease. I just hope that he has someone that is his smile. Then remember, that is my mom. I guess I just hope one day, in the not so distance future that I’m somebody’s smile on the phone.
That in their most dire times that they know, yes Maria will help. Maria will comfort me. More importantly, I just want experience fully that kind of love that envelopes my soul with kindness, understanding and a love I cannot comprehend. Thank you dad, for showing me it’s possible by how you love mom, how
you love me and how I love you.


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