Good tears ?


I struggled through the story
My friend very sympathetic
It was the best thing turning to the worst. Relationship that absolutely shattered my heart
As we walked out of the Irish pub
I couldn’t hold it in anymore
I began crying and saying how hard it’s been, purging months of silent agony
As my friend hugs me in comfort
I wonder are these good tears?
Could they actually help?
These tears of sadness became tears of clarity.
I recognize now that they were indeed good tears.

The Tree of Love


You said we shouldn’t speak for a while

I tried to contact you two months later

The silence was choking me

No reply to my message

You may have blocked me

My tears flow on their own, my brain burns in pain

The love I feel just does not disappear

I want it to, but the roots are strong

Impossible to tear out

So instead I wait

Keep hoping you’ll contact me

I hope you’ll come to my door

And never let me go…

Keep wondering what you are thinking

Trying so hard to let the memories go

Because the tears burn my eyes and the memories engulf my heart

I do not know where I go from here

I need closure so I can uproot the tree of love

If you feel that way, I must understand you

I must try to let someone else in

Finding Yourself by Getting Lost: Wild


Upon watching this trailer, I thought I had a clear vision for this film. I am incredibly glad that I was wrong. It was not straight forward, in fact it was awkward and uncomfortable at times and I really struggled with this film. However, it is a raw and honest portrayal of life of what is life if not awkward and uncomfortable? I realized the sadness felt by Cheryl, our main character was so relatable to every person that has ever struggled with something in their lives. To be honest, her life through an unfortunate and horrific event changes and Cheryl decided to go on a 1,000 hike alone and she “denies her wounds come from the same place as her power.” Something I really loved about the film was the way authors were incorporated. Whenever she arrived at a new part of the trail she would write a famous line such as “I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep.” Robert Frost is the author of this fragment and the quotes she comes up with on her own are tear jerking. She said she lost herself in the wilderness of her grief. The flashbacks of her mom were so hauntingly beautiful and really make you evaluate your own life. It’s scary how powerful this film is in causing that self-reflection. This movie shows a struggle that anyone of us can relate to, to pain and loss and being lost in the pain of your loss. I don’t want to give much away other than to say keep the kids at home for this one, but I think if you need to be inspired you will. And if you don’t, you might just be inspired nonetheless. Reese Witherspoon as I have never seen her before has me under a spell this entire film. This film is magnificent not because it will make you happy. It will make you think, “What if I forgive myself if I was sorry?”

A conversation with eternity Part the second


To eternity:

Eight years ago I wrote to you searching for answers

to questions I never knew I’d have now

I wonder about love

I wonder about my choices

I wonder about my major

I wonder if I wonder too much

and not do enough so my dreams are realized

I go back to school Wednesday and am thrilled I found

My Safe Haven

but your gears for love have slammed the breaks

I guess it’s in my hands

If you could point me in the right direction

Or just give me a sign

A new year has started and I have high hopes eternity

Don’t let me down, ok?

A conversation with eternity I had eight years ago


Time you’re really doing it all wrong!

You must be mistaken or confused

Scratching your infinite rusting gears.

You’re failing me time; you’re breaking my heart

– A stinging cut I bleed profusely from.

Time you have it, the answers to life’s questions.

When I need you to speed past, only smelling your dusty trail

You slow to a crawl.

When I need calm, rhythmic beats

You dash away like a wild stallion.

My time as a person, as a senior in high school is

On the brink of change

Leaving many things yet to be completed

Running so fast, time becomes a smudge of colors and circumstances.

How can I expand it like the air in a balloon,

Taste the rubbery elastic

And make time last?

Time so far 17 years I’ve lived

I hear only my pencil jotting down

Learning, failure, discovery, success, and change

I am closing in on 18

I can almost feel the embraces

Of congratulations.

Now, I’ve finally opened the door

Time, I need you to let love in.

Don’t short change me time!

Give me a happiness that fills an ocean,

That’s what I wish for on my cake, time.

Give me an 18th birthday

Like nothing else- unique

Extraordinary, exquisite

Something I will file away in my memory bank,

And keep for eternity.

I know this is a lot to examine and mend in a short time,

But I’ve just spilled my soul to an inanimate object!

So don’t disappoint me time, make my heart soar today.

An Ode to Stephen Hawking: The Theory of Everything


How appropriate it is that on his 73rd birthday, I with great joy, honor, and love write this piece.

The Theory of Everything encompasses joy and love in a way I never thought possible. As the actress said On good morning America, it is about the love of physics and the physics of love. This film has brilliant acting and cinematography. It’s a rush to watch and see the evolution of genius in a subtle and explosive manner. It’s message is to never give up. And Stephen defies all odds medically and with his conclusions about the universe.

The Theory of Everything blends a scientific and personal world. Chaotic and complicated emotions were rolling across my body as the story unfolded. To see such self sacrifice and then an ending that was sad was heart retching in a strange way but I think Steven Hawking is one of the strongest human beings to go through that and not give up on exploring the world and not giving up on love. The portrayal of his suffering blended with perseverance was magnificent. Please, do yourself a favor and see magic when you see “The Theory of Everything”.

The Imitation Game: A commentary of what needs to change!


While watching the trailers, I was very excited to see this movie as it portrayed the cracking of enigma: the Nazi code of communication. I found, as the movie transpired in my mind, a different meaning and theme which is the torment of a man based on his sexuality. I was left in shock, awe, and a profound sadness that hasn’t quite left me since. I watched with deep intensity and was not disappointed by the brilliant casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as the main character. Chosen to help crack enigma his personality is off-putting but he is astoundingly brilliant. His acting is Oscar worthy without question, he is charming and awful. It takes talent to pull off both so flawlessly. I still get chills thinking about the way he transformed into that role so well. The flashbacks were a nice touch to the movie and helped explain the life of Alan in a unique way. The man who cracked this code in real life was a hero and the portrayal is haunting. Keira Knightley plays a role that I didn’t quite see her in at first but I was intrigued. She is chosen through a test to help Alan and does not dislike him when his homosexuality is revealed to her, something that was really nice to see for the time period. The other minor character were good in their own right and definitely added to the story line.

“Sometimes it’s the people that no imagines things of that can do things no one can imagine.” This line is repeated throughout the film. I loved this movie very much for many reasons, but the ending was so painful and left me deeply emotional. Alan, the protagonist is persecuted for being gay. I thought for a long time about the true message of this film and I arrived at this. Although 1951 was the time that Alan ended his life I want it to be understood that this persecution based on homosexuality has not gone away with time. I cannot imagine what other brilliant things we could have today had the government not driven him to suicide. He stopped the war by two years saving at least 14 million lives! What about his own life? Wasn’t it worth something? Even if he was an ordinary man without this discovery, is taking people down because they are different than us the answer? People fear what they do not understand. Our world will crumble if we do not learn from the past. And it appears we haven’t. Hatred is spewing from every corner of this earth. When will we realize everyone is human and deserves humane treatment? We must come together as the human race and not judge by race or sexual orientation or religion. Working torwards understanding is our only hope.

I think everyone should see this movie. It will make you feel every emotion possible. You will have a rollercoaster of feelings and you will grow and see things in a different light. That is what movies are meant to do.