The Imitation Game: A commentary of what needs to change!


While watching the trailers, I was very excited to see this movie as it portrayed the cracking of enigma: the Nazi code of communication. I found, as the movie transpired in my mind, a different meaning and theme which is the torment of a man based on his sexuality. I was left in shock, awe, and a profound sadness that hasn’t quite left me since. I watched with deep intensity and was not disappointed by the brilliant casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as the main character. Chosen to help crack enigma his personality is off-putting but he is astoundingly brilliant. His acting is Oscar worthy without question, he is charming and awful. It takes talent to pull off both so flawlessly. I still get chills thinking about the way he transformed into that role so well. The flashbacks were a nice touch to the movie and helped explain the life of Alan in a unique way. The man who cracked this code in real life was a hero and the portrayal is haunting. Keira Knightley plays a role that I didn’t quite see her in at first but I was intrigued. She is chosen through a test to help Alan and does not dislike him when his homosexuality is revealed to her, something that was really nice to see for the time period. The other minor character were good in their own right and definitely added to the story line.

“Sometimes it’s the people that no imagines things of that can do things no one can imagine.” This line is repeated throughout the film. I loved this movie very much for many reasons, but the ending was so painful and left me deeply emotional. Alan, the protagonist is persecuted for being gay. I thought for a long time about the true message of this film and I arrived at this. Although 1951 was the time that Alan ended his life I want it to be understood that this persecution based on homosexuality has not gone away with time. I cannot imagine what other brilliant things we could have today had the government not driven him to suicide. He stopped the war by two years saving at least 14 million lives! What about his own life? Wasn’t it worth something? Even if he was an ordinary man without this discovery, is taking people down because they are different than us the answer? People fear what they do not understand. Our world will crumble if we do not learn from the past. And it appears we haven’t. Hatred is spewing from every corner of this earth. When will we realize everyone is human and deserves humane treatment? We must come together as the human race and not judge by race or sexual orientation or religion. Working torwards understanding is our only hope.

I think everyone should see this movie. It will make you feel every emotion possible. You will have a rollercoaster of feelings and you will grow and see things in a different light. That is what movies are meant to do.


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