An Ode to Stephen Hawking: The Theory of Everything


How appropriate it is that on his 73rd birthday, I with great joy, honor, and love write this piece.

The Theory of Everything encompasses joy and love in a way I never thought possible. As the actress said On good morning America, it is about the love of physics and the physics of love. This film has brilliant acting and cinematography. It’s a rush to watch and see the evolution of genius in a subtle and explosive manner. It’s message is to never give up. And Stephen defies all odds medically and with his conclusions about the universe.

The Theory of Everything blends a scientific and personal world. Chaotic and complicated emotions were rolling across my body as the story unfolded. To see such self sacrifice and then an ending that was sad was heart retching in a strange way but I think Steven Hawking is one of the strongest human beings to go through that and not give up on exploring the world and not giving up on love. The portrayal of his suffering blended with perseverance was magnificent. Please, do yourself a favor and see magic when you see “The Theory of Everything”.


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