The Kingsman


The beginning was so sudden, so jarring I didn’t know it was the same movie at the beginning. It morphed into something even more astounding. Colin Firth is absolutely breathtaking right away in words and action. He is bloody brilliant. The music is truly on point. The action scenes really jump out at you, no pun intended. The cimenography is stunning as the movie’s flow worked so well it truly captures a film in real time. The interactions of the actors really seems authentic. The chase scene absolutely blew my mind.

The music and that rush you get is simply unexplainable. You have to experience the rise for yourself. Judging people from your ivory towers brings the two lives of the main characters into perspective. Colin firth is so unbelievable as a fighter. James Bond, please. Colin firth is the real deal. Then come the quotes that rang out like bullets of knowledge, The suit is our armor and we are the agents. Many plots running at once. I think it’s about time a politician did something that actually made a difference turns out to be hypocritical. Capitalism is strong in this film. Colin firth excited on the screen. They eat McDonald’s which I think is a humorous jab at fancy food. That scene is done perfectly. They reference Bond in this film which is a funny irony. Cruelty, hatred, and greed are highlighting but not to be missed are how funny and inspiring this movie is. Again the words they say come at you like a flood. “Gentleman should only be in the paper three times when they are born, when they marriage, and when they die.” Being a gentleman has nothing to do with an accent it’s how he carries himself. “You know what I love about pen and paper? No one can hack into that.” What is unleashed by Mr. Valentine is the most utterly despicable wave of human destruction that I have ever seen technology cause. Now appears a plot twist that is so creative that you see it coming but it is still shocking. Truly, I’ve seen many movies this is unlike anything I have ever seen. The end has me in conflict. This concept of population control is scary because it could happen. The ending is a spectacle to see. Manners make the man. Our main character proves that in spades. This movie is not to be missed.


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