Close to the end 


We are close to the end 

My dear friend 

The essays are pouring in

Flooding desks and inboxes

We are so close to the end 

My dear friend 

Soon summer light

Will flood through the blinds 

As we dream of vacations, internships, and family

We are close but not there

Hail to hot coffee and comfy chairs and the clicking of key boards

Hail to finishing with a purpose

Another year accounted for

The seniors we will miss

But because we are close but not there yet

We can have an evening to celebrate much deserved bliss

What Matters is Love


How can love be so powerful but not a physical thing? Wait, isn’t love a force which binds us together, however the physicality is a byproduct and the actual love the idea. Love can be a physical display yes, but in its pure conceptual form is love boundless? How can love be so powerful yet we cannot hold it? How can love bring the greatest happiness but also the most miserable pain one can conceive? There is a dual concept of love at work. I feel pure love is not meant to hurt. Hurt is difficult to explain and reconcile. But Love. It exists in that smile when you see the one you love and you grin like a fool. Only it doesn’t matter if you are thought foolish, what matters is this force. What matters is this physical, emotional, sexual, psychological feeling happening all at once. It this rush that overcomes your body. In this way, what matters is love.

The Interview : A Large Disappoint


The hype for this movie was mind boggling. Theaters were shut down as a threat by North Korea was made. I still desperately wanted to see it, not merely for controversy’s sake but because the trailer seemed to imply that this movie would be an incredible comedy. However, it failed pretty grandly on all fronts. This movie did not live up to the expectations at all.

Seth Rogen did an incredible job is this film and that needs to be acknowledged. It was not enough to save this movie. However, his counterpart, James Franco did a strange over acting that was part of the downfall of this film. It was awkward and didn’t create a good chemistry between the lead actors that Seth was doing his part to create.

I was so excited for this film, that I do not even know what to say in regards to how much it let me down. I want to reiterate that Seth Rogen is a great actor and perhaps if the plot was less outrageous or James Franco was replaced with a different actor that it would have done well. I say, this movie is not worth an evening of your time.