A mother’s love


we don’t always get along

But she shows me 

All the time

She is kind 

We don’t always get along

But she is 

Always there with a cup

Of tea and a smile

I’ve grown up

I want to be on my own

But I will always have the memories

They don’t leave because I move.

The quality time becomes more important.

Dancing Ghost


I’m a dancing ghost
I walk through life here, invisible…

I awoke to a glance and she continued to do her nails 

We glide around each other without a word

It’s like I don’t exist

I want to say something

It feels like I will explode 

Can ghosts explode?

But I’m a ghost that she chooses not to see

After all the fighting 

I should not crave her love

But tears run through my ghostly figure

Because I want her to understand me

I’m pale and transparent to everyone

I’m not worth the time.

I’m cold I’m an illusion. I’m a mockery 

There is agony in being ignored.

You never get used to it, even as a ghost.

I am a phantom.

I want to walk in a room

And be real.

I want a body and a skin and a soul

Because as fun as gliding is

I don’t want to be a ghost anymore.

Should I stay or should I go?


The frequent plight
Disturbs my night

I lie awake and say

I cannot bear to be unsure another day

There are benefits to both

One seeming to push me ahead

The one of comfort won’t bring me there 

It will backwards instead

So I say move in to a place you have been to many times. 

Use the chance you have!

Take the opportunity to live with 

People that care about you

Because they say the time when you are most scared, that’s when you jump.

So I move off the ledge and I fly.

See you on the other side.




The new me.