Dancing Ghost


I’m a dancing ghost
I walk through life here, invisible…

I awoke to a glance and she continued to do her nails 

We glide around each other without a word

It’s like I don’t exist

I want to say something

It feels like I will explode 

Can ghosts explode?

But I’m a ghost that she chooses not to see

After all the fighting 

I should not crave her love

But tears run through my ghostly figure

Because I want her to understand me

I’m pale and transparent to everyone

I’m not worth the time.

I’m cold I’m an illusion. I’m a mockery 

There is agony in being ignored.

You never get used to it, even as a ghost.

I am a phantom.

I want to walk in a room

And be real.

I want a body and a skin and a soul

Because as fun as gliding is

I don’t want to be a ghost anymore.


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