I must have called a thousand times… At the theater: A movie goers nightmare 


I excitedly went to see The Revenant, but was so bothered by the man next to me who was on his phone the entire time. The blue flash of light irratied me to no end. I was fuming and unsure how to proceed. I managed to fall in love with this film and its message. The scenes were stunning. It was not easy, but the movie was so beyond incredible. The cell phone was a nightmare, glowing in my peripheral vision. It’s such a small thing but it’s incredibly inconsiderate. Why take a relaxing time and make it stressful for someone who is there for fun?

I hope next time I am able to speak up for myself or simply move. Either option is good, but I was nervous to confront someone. Were they possibly unaware of their actions?

 However, I think out of respect to everyone else, if you want to play on your phone for three hours, don’t come to the theater and ruin it for someone who has been so excited to see the movie. Put down you phone and enjoy the life happening right in front of you! So excited to have that escape, that rush of the movie. Just don’t go to the theater if you can’t be respectful, as it is truly unfair to someone trying to have an experience and enjoy life. 

Man vs wild : The Revenant


This movie is something I don’t have adequate words to describe. The music, cinematography, acting, and theme all came together in a remarkable way. From the moment the movie started, I was in a trance, admiring the stunning scenery. 

The movie deserves all the hype, because it lives up to all the hype and beyond. Do something to inspire yourself to push through any struggle in your life. See this film. The movie has some intense moments, so it may not be for everyone. 

Having said that, Leo is incredible, and deserves the Oscar he is nominated for. I hope he wins, and I hope you go out to see this spectacle for the eyes and mind. 

He who shall not be named …


A man with a plan he is not

Not any decent plan, anyway.

He belittles, rants, and offends

The rich he defends

In the building of his wall

He’d isolate us all

America is great because of:

Diversity of people


He does not have respect towards


That sets us apart and makes us remarkable.

The unique flavor of individuality is been threatened.

It boggles the mind that someone could support a man that says such offensive things.

Why are we allowing this circus to continue?

Truly, it’s a circus and the future of America is not a joke.

He is a joke.

We need a clear minded, reasonable, and understanding leader. He is not.

Let’s focus on making America great again with someone else leading us forth towards a great future.

I Fly


Between all of the awful things that keep happening I hope this is the last.

I want the bad things to stop hitting me like a train.

My body cannot get over the shock of one before the next one strikes. I need a break. It’s so much to happen at once. My soul is crumbling apart.

Happiness, joy, love, and balance and hemorrhaging out of my system and bitterness, angry, and sadness are being sucked in their place. I want the good things back.

It’s like when I was a little girl and I was drowning. My uncle got me out of the cold water but not before a good scare. This time the water is colder.

It’s deeper and more vast and opaque. And I can’t keep my head above water. It is like there are weights attached to my legs hell-bent on filling my lungs with water and taking me away from Earth.

I keep ripping them off but new ones lock on tight.

No one can save me.

I need to do this on my own. The weights off. And swim fly jump just get away. To happiness, joy, love, and balance.

The spirit inside me feels hope after dreams took my brain to a restful place. The love of friends and family sit as a reminder that sometimes you accept the current moment

So it doesn’t overwhelm you

Then you can spread you glimmering, glittery purple wings – and FLY

Ode to this special soul, Bella


Ode to a person that gave me a chance to be from the beginning

She never judged, just listened to whatever I had to say, and she actually cared I could tell

To a person that went with me to the hospital and stayed the entire time

You barely knew me, but you spent a day where you could be doing anything else – with me

Ode to sitting on the table in front of Shimer amongst the fall leaves and spilling so much suffering

I felt so calm because of your demeanor

To finding out you and I share similar pain and no judgment

Shock in my power to talk openly and cope, and not want anyone’s pity

Ode to the park in Bridgeport that flooded me with joy, and somehow I know you knew I’d been happy here

Ode to my temptation that takes me to magical places

Ode to your dorm room, a calm place in an uncalm world

To your silky hair and your purple sweater known by a better name…

To your stones and that store

Ode to respecting my beliefs and never laughing at me

Thank you for giving me a place to stay many times when things were dark

Ode to showers at 5am (because I was up) and makeovers at 7am (because you are kind)

You made me realize I was beautiful, I always knew but you showed me.

You put down my hair and my world changed.

Ode to perspective and caring

Ode to my spirit animal – Bella

Concussion: The struggle with an unfortunate truth


As a devoted football fan (go Bears!) of many years, I have often wondered about the other side of the sport displayed as tough but as described in the film, “Shakespeare”. I adore the roar of the crowd and the thrill of a close game. Sunday is my special day for pregame and many games after that: I feel happiness and a part of something.  Football floods me with joy and I was hesitant to see this film. 

When I saw a trailer for concussion, I knew I had to witness the truth and face it. Based on a true story I had never heard, I was worried. My greatest worry: I would stop watching football. 

The movie was so unexpected and had incredible life lessons and not giving up, even when a “company that owns a day of the week” is who you are battling. Will Smith gives the performance of a lifetime. Beyond his new accent and demeanor perfectly executed, the character Bennett discovers something odd in a legendary football player in Pittisburg where he works as a coroner. His findings and demands for the truth drive him to play ball with the whole country in hopes he will be heard and lives will be saved as more players due young from a condition that Bennett gives a name to, the mystery broken wide open.  The NFL did not do an adequate job with this issue. Alec Baldwin plays a team doctor for the Steelers that leaves his job to aid in Bennett’s quest. Will Smith’s love interest encourages him to fight.

I really admire courage to speak up when everyone wants to shut you down and furthermore threatens your life. This is a special story about the American Dream, one man’s journey to reveal an inconvient truth about a glamorous sport. Watch Consussion. Whether you watch football or not, you will come away with an amazing set of lessons. Maybe you will fear football afterwords, I hope you don’t. 

I still plan to watch football, but with a more careful eye and sense of awareness.