I Fly


Between all of the awful things that keep happening I hope this is the last.

I want the bad things to stop hitting me like a train.

My body cannot get over the shock of one before the next one strikes. I need a break. It’s so much to happen at once. My soul is crumbling apart.

Happiness, joy, love, and balance and hemorrhaging out of my system and bitterness, angry, and sadness are being sucked in their place. I want the good things back.

It’s like when I was a little girl and I was drowning. My uncle got me out of the cold water but not before a good scare. This time the water is colder.

It’s deeper and more vast and opaque. And I can’t keep my head above water. It is like there are weights attached to my legs hell-bent on filling my lungs with water and taking me away from Earth.

I keep ripping them off but new ones lock on tight.

No one can save me.

I need to do this on my own. The weights off. And swim fly jump just get away. To happiness, joy, love, and balance.

The spirit inside me feels hope after dreams took my brain to a restful place. The love of friends and family sit as a reminder that sometimes you accept the current moment

So it doesn’t overwhelm you

Then you can spread you glimmering, glittery purple wings – and FLY

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