He who shall not be named …


A man with a plan he is not

Not any decent plan, anyway.

He belittles, rants, and offends

The rich he defends

In the building of his wall

He’d isolate us all

America is great because of:

Diversity of people


He does not have respect towards


That sets us apart and makes us remarkable.

The unique flavor of individuality is been threatened.

It boggles the mind that someone could support a man that says such offensive things.

Why are we allowing this circus to continue?

Truly, it’s a circus and the future of America is not a joke.

He is a joke.

We need a clear minded, reasonable, and understanding leader. He is not.

Let’s focus on making America great again with someone else leading us forth towards a great future.

6 thoughts on “He who shall not be named …

  1. kmg44

    I really enjoy this piece and I appreciate the message. I think that more people need to understand the harm that can come from this unnamed man and his beliefs, and your poem brings light to that. Thank you!

  2. kmg44

    Yes, I think this poem is a good way to express your worry. I just made my first post today and it is an article on the subject of political correctness. It was partially inspired by this unnamed man. If you could check it out I would appreciate it!

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