My magenta being


In an ominous sea of black, I a magenta tulip, float to the surface and defy everything. There amongst the conformists and those who fear different, I stand erect and I prove that color is lacking in this world using the brightest one in my arsenal. I will bridge that gap. I walk through the sea and I part it with my magenta being. I grin because I flood the world with color. And the world could definitely use some color… đź’“



I can hear my dad smile through the phone His smile is wide and it is kind. It is not deceitful or trying too hard. His smile is not for attention or affirmation. It isn’t to prove a point or comfort. But it proves love and it comforts my heart. In my darkest moments his smile has been the light at the end of a never ending tunnel. I remember the table crashing down on my foot in construction crew. I remember the moment before I fainted in gym. I remember the swollen ankle after I fell on the ice. I remember the hospitals…. And most of all I remember thinking I need my father. And I think that is ok. He is my rock. As we talk on the phone, I’m coughing and had a long day. But I can sense his grin and my mind is at ease. I just hope that he has someone that is his smile. Then remember, that is my mom. I guess I just hope one day, in the not so distance future that I’m somebody’s smile on the phone. That in their most dire times that they know, yes Maria will help. Maria will comfort me. More importantly, I just want experience fully that kind of love that envelopes my soul with kindness, understanding and a love I cannot comprehend. Thank you dad, for showing me it’s possible by how you love mom, how you love me and how I love you.
Kocham Cie 

Before you vote for Trump, please read this. 


Donald Trump may be an outsider. He may be different, but is that what we need right now? How can we vote for someone who insults women, journalists, Muslims, The Mexican community, and that is just scratching the surface? As if that isn’t enough, there is far more to this man. 

He has switched parties multiple times. There is one final thought I would like to leave you with. Donald has said, “I could shoot someone and still get the vote.” Please, make America great again with someone else!

View Trump with honest eyes and don’t allow your lack of faith in the system sway your vote for him.

Read my poem, “he who must not be named”. I feel there it’s said best.

Dancing Ghost


Dancing Ghost
I’m a dancing ghost

I walk through life here, invisible…

I awoke to a glance and she continued to do her nails 

We glide around each other without a word

It’s like I don’t exist

I want to say something

It feels like I will explode 

Can ghosts explode?

But I’m a ghost that she chooses not to see

After all the fighting 

I should not crave her love

But tears run through my ghostly figure

Because I want her to understand me

I’m pale and transparent to everyone

I’m not worth the time.

I’m cold I’m an illusion. I’m a mockery 

There is agony in being ignored.

You never get used to it, even as a ghost.

I am a phantom.

I want to walk in a room

And be real.

I want a body and a skin and a soul

Because as fun as gliding is

I don’t want to be a ghost anymore.