I have written on this before. With passion and fear as he gains strength. But, I have hope in the American people. So I say to you:

Today is voting day in Illinois as well as four other states.

Please, watch Trump speak. Hear him. See he encourage violence by saying, “I’d punch that guy in the face.” Is that who you want running the country? The leader of the free world?

I can give you the facts of how much hate he harbors in his heart. 

It started with horrible things he called the Mexican people, who are hard workers and incredible people. Then he went after immigrants and more anger followed. We are all incredible people, and Trump dislikes so many kinds of people. Read about the comments about women, Muslims, and the refusing to denounce the KKK. 

Please, check your facts.

Go out and vote!

Make America great again with someone else!


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