Sunday morning in 1993


Sunday morning in 1993
Wake up and wake up my twin quickly, I never knew if she minded.

The giggling would start right away

We were always like that could talk for hours even if we had nothing to say.

Elated for Sunday because that meant dad was home. Tonia and I hopped out of our beds to realize everyone was asleep so we got some water to drink for we couldn’t reach the refrigerator. 

But what I remember most was after Sunday mass. My twin and I would be dressed head to toe the same. Her

Blond curls and my frizzy brown hair waved in the wind. My older sister always walked first until we four began a race to the church with my mom stopped that race quickly.

It’s the after that we all waited for.

We would sit patiently and wait until we got there. 

Suddenly the familiar store window caught our eye. 

Tonia and I were chosen to go with dad and honestly it was like winning the lottery. we walked carefully across the busy street holding dad’s hand happily never with a trace of embarrassment.

Dad bought the bread and the various deli meat while Tonia and I marveled at the bakery. We asked if we could have lemonada, a polish soda and dad turned and smiled saying we could have one. 

We asked if we could get Agnes and John one too. He laughed and said, I’ll tell you what. You too will share one and they will share one. Ok? We nodded. It makes sense now those giant drinks to be shared. We were always so excited in that polish grocery store with the dzien Dobre and dowydzena. There was an old juk box we’d play with and a restaurant attached to the store we always wanted to but never got to to in. Then we’d help carry the bags overjoyed at the stimulation overload that this glorious store caused. 
It’s no longer open but it’s always open in my mind. I can visit anytime. ❤️

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