This thing called love 


Love, Eros, amor. It goes by many names but it’s connotation and denotion are similar. This grand idea, this creator of anxiety, passion, and it’s ability to change lives is sometimes given a fairy tale outlook. This outlook has been created by the media, literature, and history. The argument that the concept of love as an evolving one is very strong. Through poems and prose traced throughout time, the depth of love can be felt. The bigger question is does love in its essence remain the same, and it’s concept change?

Does that feeling that lasts for so long change? Or are we conditioned to believe love has a different purpose. It is hard to examine this question objectively. First, let’s define love according to C.S. Lewis with a modern twist. Let’s examine what love was for. Then together we can decide if love has always been the same. Or has society caused it to become overrated?



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