Why I need a Superman


Not for superpowers

Not for superstrength

Not for power or glory

Not for the upper hand

Not for military fights

Not for sensation


I need a Clark Kent

That loves the way that he does

You can literally see the care in his eyes on screen

You can sense and feel his passion,

You can even witness it

The lust, love, and respect all at once.
I need a superman that truly listens to me with an open heart, no judgement

That wants to cook and bring fragrant flowers

The same way he did in the film

His passion for every tiny detail

It left me spellbound…

I ache for the love he has in his heart

It’s literally out of this world

I hope for understanding

I dream of a caring man

Yes, good lucks, muscles, and charm

Yes, a smile that sends shock waves

Through me.
But once that all fades, you are left

With that undying love

That’s why I need a superman

To protect me from emotional pain

The way Lois lane is rescued from physical danger.

I want that kind of salvation.

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