The photograph (…from my journal)


I ran outside Christmas break officially starting

With a silky, purple sweater

Dark, tight blue jeans

And my slippers, my touch with the snow, a shock of dampness.

A smile the size of the great wall of China,

Spreads slowly across my porcelain face

The snow starts a battle with my body

The wind slashing at my cheeks

As I snap pictures.

If only I could stay in this moment

The snow covering me in a blanket of comfort,

My tracks slowly disappear

As simply beauty excites my vision


Now a year later

When I look back at the picture

Months later

I notice how snow brings

Joy to a lost child – the child within me.

I notice how the best aspects of life, love, beauty, and

Nature are free.


(my analogy of a friendship in ruins)


The ship went down harshly and horrifically

Ask for no more details

Everyone drowned

Without a hope for air

I know nothing I swear…

Except that the captain was ripping out his hair

For it went down

Too fast for lifeboats,

Too fast for an S.O.S.

The crew barely reached their coats

Before the ear piercing screams began

Quick escape plans

Not fast enough

The sea is  quite rough and unforgiving

The ship went down

Ask for mercy I beg you

For the 80 souls perished

Pray for those souls to reach solace in

Heaven’s Embrace

The Persistence of Rapture


You’re going to have to wait

Accept what I am, what happened

Because of repressed feelings

At first I thought it was I want what I can’t have

But that is not the case

I’m spinning through shingles of space

I have fallen so hard

Fallen on my face

I have fallen so hard

Fallen in love with you

The more I try to fake hate

The more I get caught

Unable to escape

How can I move on

If I can’t move at all

You’re supposed to catch

Me when I fall

You let me go

You let me down

I’m scared of what I’ve been

Merely windows of myself

The broken mirror bleeds shards of truth

I will not stop loving you

Even if the feelings aren’t mutual

Because I’ve loved you

So far without your help

I mean, besides your presence…

So you’re going to have to wait

I might weep a while longer

Hey what won’t break me

Shake me

Will make me stronger

So gather up your baggage

Leave it at the door

And only if you feel like it

We’ll talk a little more

Otherwise I’ll be here staring

Comparing windows of myself

One’s blurred by tears of nature

Tears of what will never be

Release me


I want to take it

Away from your hand

That power only you have over me

It’s one I can’t stand

I want to take it

And twist it and turn it

Take it deep in the woods and burn it

I want to stop feeding your powers

With a beaming smile and joking conversation

I want to take away your smile’s sensation

I think I’ll bend it

Reverse it to you

So that way you’ll feel it

You’ll love me

The way I love you

I mean,

If it can’t be destroyed

I wish it changes its spell

The powers of heaven and hell

Clash before my eyes

My only prize

Is knowing I’ll see you again

But this is a double ended sword

The other end is your powers

Your purple pixie dust

That activates when our eyes meet

It’s the best pleasure in my life

And the worst torment at the same time

A paradox – that’s your true power

You have my in rapture one moment

Then captured by tears the next

Unable to breath, swallow, or move.

I want to take it, shatter and break it

There. Now it is done.

Now, It commands me no more.

Where I’m from <3


I’m from corduroy jackets and denim jeans.

Running water and yellow Gatorade.

Sometimes when it rains for the window panes never lie,

I’m from wet sidewalks and damp fur.

If Scrabble is out and music pulses through my heart,

Then you know that’s where I’m from.


On occasion, if thunder and lightening lurk near,

The warm covers of my bed

Along with an old movie are where I’m from.

Warm pizza and Pepsi-Cola,

As well as silent laughter of a close friend are where I’m from.

When you can fall asleep to the cites

Of a fantasy land with a glass castle-

That is me.


I’m from oil paintings of mysterious night skies-

The kind of creases that fascinate my fingers.

The love and joy that I possess flows every so slowly

Onto the canvas before I am even awake.

When the lighthouse I’ve portrayed jumps off the page,

That’s where I’m from.


Every so often Harry Potter casts a spell on my world,

And nothing precious to me can be taken away.

My senses celebrate the magic I nourish them with,

For although they cannot tell a soul, they keep my treasures safe.


I’m from scraped knees and bruised shoulders.

One kiss and it is all better.

Where I’m from, long walks on the beach

Make for pleasant conversation.

“Mine the darkness and see the path you leave behind.”

Sometimes there is darkness in the distant trees,

But when the night sky is shimmering with shooting stars,

That’s where I’m from.


The place where I often dwell is in the front yard with all my flowers.

My lungs praise the October air, and the leaves delight my vision.

Sparkling bubbles from the fountain drizzle onto my body-

That’s where I’m where.

Give America, not Trump a voice!


It is the writing on the wall

It is a nightmare for us all

Donald Trump will

Will bring us into such a slump

We shall not recover

Besides being a sad joke to the international stage

Trump tries to turn the page

On pretending to be ignorant of the violence at his rallies

And the anger festers and the media tallies

All the horrific things that echo from his mouth

He has denounced equality and spread hate

Taking away what makes this nation great

So if you vote today

Vote for someone else I say

Vote for change, and peace, and love

For the audacity of decency and togetherness

Donald Trump is telling us who should not be our leader

But a look in the mirror will give that answer so quick

It will make anyone sick

Be reasonable in your choice

Give America, Not Trump a voice!



I have written on this before. With passion and fear as he gains strength. But, I have hope in the American people. So I say to you:

Today is voting day in Illinois as well as four other states.

Please, watch Trump speak. Hear him. See he encourage violence by saying, “I’d punch that guy in the face.” Is that who you want running the country? The leader of the free world?

I can give you the facts of how much hate he harbors in his heart. 

It started with horrible things he called the Mexican people, who are hard workers and incredible people. Then he went after immigrants and more anger followed. We are all incredible people, and Trump dislikes so many kinds of people. Read about the comments about women, Muslims, and the refusing to denounce the KKK. 

Please, check your facts.

Go out and vote!

Make America great again with someone else!