When first seeing the trailer for Her, I was so intrigued. I felt such a real life vibe from the beginning of this film. Within minutes, I felt in my soul that this would be something special. Theodore our main character says “It suddenly hit me that I was part of this larger thing, before I thought I knew everything.” Theodore works for BeautifulHandwrittenLetters.com. He is a sensitive, complicated man who appears deeply troubled. Suddenly his life changes dramatically when he purchases an OS (operating system) that becomes more than he could have every imagined. We soon discover “it’s not just an operating system, it’s a consciousness.” Samantha is the name of Theodore’s OS and after his meaningless phone sex session which points at his loneliness and profound deep to be close to another human being devoid of meaning. In an instance, Theodore is in this trance and Samantha says that she evolves just like he does. This movie is breathtaking and stunning as I contemplating the likelihood of this ever occurring in real life. I do not say these things lightly, for this film’s emotion touched me deeply. It was so refreshing to see a man struggle in his emotions and daily life and when we find out he is in the midst of a divorce, it feels like the breakdown of one relationship and the formation of another one. As he takes his OS on adventures through beaches and snow, we are left with many questions, such as how does their sex life work? Samantha asks a question that brings my mind to another world, “What’s it is like to be alive in that room right now?” I never for a second thought I would feel sympathy for the computer. I felt the pain in the restrictions in the relationship but Joaquin Phoenix was a dream in this film. Theodore’s friend Amy also goes through a divorce and they lean on each other for support. This raw emotion of a man’s pain was unbearable at times but despite the divorce Samantha says something remarkable to Theodore, “We’re only here briefly so while I’m here I want to allow myself joy.” I truly felt this movie was painful, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. If you are going to rent a movie, do yourself a favor and rent, Her. You will not be disappointed or devoid of feeling. It will change the way you see the world, and that is what I can say to see this movie!

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