Feelings Flying through my Flesh


Feelings Flying through my Flesh

I cannot comprehend

These feelings that have amassed in my mind

They are so horribly, shockingly strong

I literally cannot breathe another breath

They, thoughts, tug mercilessly at my collar and choke me

Suddenly, without warning, they let go!

There is a calm stirring

But The Feelings of worry are growing louder

So I lie down on the pale blue carpet

Flat, dark room, relaxed

I set a 15 minute alarm

Then I go away in my mind until I am almost asleep

When I get up I feel so incredibly alive

I can breath

My collar has let go, a great release

The fresh air flows so much that I’m drunk with air

Praise the Heavens

I am calm

And thinking only I can make this right.

So off I go to do so.



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