What is Freedom?


“No one can owe a child of God”, Newt tells a crowd of his people both black and white, man, woman, and child. Now, I know you are thinking “his people?” This army does not belong to Newt, but rather they, through circumstances came together for a cause not just in opposition to the civil war. The powerful message that quote sends to everyone who hears it can be felt throughout this historical film. Matthew Mcconaughey stuns with charisma in this film where he is the main character but the movie is about the people surrounding him, ready to fight for a cause. The action is intense, violent, and sadly based on a true story. However, the triumph of the heart remains ever present in this film. It’s truly striking how the world once was. This movie is so beautiful, but it didn’t shy away from the ugly. From the horrors of the civil war, Newt, the main character is the silver lining throughout this movie. So is the grit and faith of the people who make this film a wonder. The characters are all so developed. The cinematography of it is quite the spectacle. From start to finish it’s a masterfully crafted film. The truth I wasn’t taught, the harsh truths about race we face to this day haunt me. I want to be haunted, I want to feel. I want the raw emotion this film delivers. It left me speechless. So, it goes without saying that I highly recommend Free State of Jones.


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