Cute and Funny or Overboard? : Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates


In this hilarious take on two over zealous alcohol selling, laid back brothers, Mike and Dave need wedding dates, tries to be funny, serious, and sensitive at the same time with mixed results. It would have been a better film if the theme (funny, sad, serious, and heartwarming) was somehow blended better together. The actors chosen for this film really worked. Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick shine together as a pair of friends in need of a vacation as one of them was left at the altar. They trick Zac Efron and Adam Levine to take them as they “need wedding dates” as the title and their parents both request. A more clever title would have made me less skeptical about this film. There were parts of this movie I enjoyed and the beginning of the movie starts well. I feel a 21st century viewpoint is taken on this film and that really works throughout it. The chemistry of the cast is there and the plot is alright, but it wasn’t the incredible summer flick I was hoping for. (See Finding Dory or Free State of Jones for that.) The nod to “Wedding Crashers”, a classic film in my view, was very well done, but I give it mixed reviews as I have mixed feelings about certain scenes. The major problem with this film is at points it tries too hard to be funny. Honestly though, as I flip flop my opinion more times then a presidential candidate, I think if you want to laugh very hard it is worth it. I did. The previews made it seem kind of dumb to be honest, and I want to acknowledge it is better than the previews would lead you to believe. It is a quirky heartwarming take on love, friendship, and being an adult. It was a bit more crude than I hoped, but for some much needed laughs see “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”.


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