Find your love, laughs, and childhood wonder with “Finding Dory”


When I saw the preview, dread set into my body. I thought, “Why are they doing a sequel to Finding Nemo? It will never be as good!” Well, I stand corrected. From the opening scenes and beyond you are transported back into the ocean for another remarkable adventure. So much credit should be given to every single person who worked to make this movie the experience it is. It is beyond a movie, it is an experience! I have so much to say about this wonderful summer film but I think you should go see it instead and see for yourself. I wish to spoil nothing. Please, see this stunner! The cast, stunning. The scenes, spectacular. It is truly a heartwarming joy from start to finish. We meet our old fishy friends and make a bunch of new ones. What makes this film so wonderful, is that it appeals to all audiences. From little ones, to us adults it’s wonderful for all. I saw it in 3D and it was worth every penny. See it in 3D or just in the regular theater but do yourself a solid and see : Finding Dory. It is adorable beyond belief. =)


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