Bonfire Heart


On my sick day

I walk slowly up the stairs

The calming coffee is fresh

The mood is relaxing

Although I don’t feel well

Suddenly a sad jolt of emotion

Crawls slowly through me

I don’t welcome it, I want to shake it off

Thoughts of my ex

Our conversations, jokes, and trust

Did those snowy moments mean anything?

Did any of what turned into love for me mean anything?

It went up in huge burning flames

Unbearable, paralyzing pain

Why do I miss the fire?

It hits me, the reason

I miss having someone care about me

Think of me

But he made it clear how he felt

Now I must sip my coffee

The aroma a kind, calming one

Recognize that I loved him

But that I need to find something more

That won’t end in such cruel words and a bonfire

I have a bonfire heart

It’s so warm, wounded, yet ready to love

I hope I can share it with someone…


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