Without You


I had no idea how profoundly another human being could change me. Literally, the fibers that make up my being are slightly altered and will never be the same again. I knew it within minutes of meeting that this was not just another meeting, this was something special. I miss so terribly the smiles, comments, and language that was all our own. I miss that the freezing November day didn’t ruin our spirits because this warmth enveloped us and bonded us together like a blanket of joy. I cry when I think of how special it was to be held in his arms. I felt so blissfully happy and went to bed dreaming of him and our special days together. I dream of the day when someone else will make me feel that way. I yearn for his hand to caress my cheek. I yearn for the hug so powerful that it stops time. For now I am alone. I was out yesterday and there were three couples there. I envied them. Perhaps I shouldn’t have but I did. They shared that language I once had. The one I desperately want back…


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