Part 2: Not distant but close together, despite distance <3


We went to mass, the four kids that are actually adults

But affectionately known as the “four kids”

Then we went to the grocery store to shop for dinner

But as four kids that are so close

The journey through the aisles

Was my realization

We are all grown up

But we haven’t lost our childlike wonder

And our differences are what make us great

As a united team, we flourish

So as we are all frantically, passionately cooking the meal

Eating beer cheese, enjoying each bite and each other’s company

And then there’s the main course

The pastry ring with an amazing filling

Of ground chicken, cheeses, ranch, hot sauce. and love

I am filled with love

My aghast melted with the cheese

My worry about our closeness is dispelled

For all though we have distance, we are not

That distant. We are a family. ❤

I’m overflowing with love

The joy is abundant

The joy is warm.


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