The Hobbit, movie notes…


The lions eye as the eye of Sauron in the credits in brilliant.
-it think it is time for you to know what really happened-
-great seams of gold
The way he narrates is so brilliant
– a sickness had thrown within him and the way a sickness thrives …
-while I said I have told you the truth I may not have told you all of it.
-the years of peace of plenty were not to last.
-dragon wants the gold
-stunning cinema trophy
-bilbo baggins is magnificent
– the dialogue is humorous and enchanting
-inspiration and belief in ones self.
– the world is not in books it is out there.- gandalf
-evil always looks to find a foothold in this world
– the pain of betrayal
-I was so worried about this series distorting or ruining the lord of rings but
it enhanced my perspection tenfold.
-true courage is not about when to take a life it’s when to spare one.

-I got lost in the landscapes.
– it’s so magical the not the movie but the sum of everything it is that makes
it beautiful
-what is taller than the trees but never grows? The mountains


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