Bigger Ears to Hear the Ants, Bigger Heart to Love All — The BFG


As a young child I remember reading this book. I remember how it made my imagination soar and how happy I was. I saw Steven Spielberg was making it into a movie that looks just like the floating, dizzy bouts of imagery thoughts I once had. I think, “Please do Roald Dahl justice.” He came through in the biggest way! My childhood imagination came to life on the screen.

“What kind of a monster are you?” Sophie asks the giant that abducts her during the witching hour from her bedroom window. As it turns out, the (later named) BFG is not. An unlikely friendship forms as Sophie makes a friend for life. Both she and the giant are lonely, but bringing them together helps qualm their pain and possibly save the world from the other giants, who, unlike the BFG, do eat people! “The other giants… are they nice like you?” Sophie asks with curiosity. The answer is no.
“Hello beautiful dream.” The BFG says this to a dream he catches, but it sums up this entire film well.

Sophie finds out about someone before her, a boy who was taken. And she says “Was the boy scared in the end? …I’m not! I’m not!” Standing up to bullies is a huge, positive message in this film and it’s displayed beautifully.

There is Sophie’s dream — such a lovely dream and desire… and the BFG’s unique language which comes from being uneducated. But, the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) hears all the secret whisperings of the world. I think you need to see it for yourself.

Hear the secret whisperings! See The BFG!

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