Church Consideration…”Dust off your heart and take it for a spin” (- Andy Grammar)


This morning I “dusted off my heart and took it for a spin”

I haven’t talked much about my faith on this blog

I am Roman Catholic and look to my faith often for guidance

However, I also respect all others of other faiths or no faith

It’s about you as a person, not your particular faith that shows your heart ❤

But today I had trouble waking up

Finally I rose

I showered, made my bed

Gathered the laundry and my thoughts

Darn! I missed the ten o’clock mass

Well, wait, there’s one at noon

When my dad came home

A light bulb moment

There’s mass at noon

The song starts and I rush in

Right on time

I sing, I express my faith in feeling

The rest was me, one with God in my heart

In love and faith

I want to dust off my heart and take it for a spin…

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