Nerve: A mixed bag


A strong, pressuring push

A  giant, yet confusing rush

Constant, jittery movement

But where did we arrive at the end?

Swerve, jump, run, pass a curve,

The movie begs the question : Do you have the nerve?


So, what to say about, Nerve? The combination of Dave Franco and Emma Roberts was really good, chemistry wise. There were parts of the movie were they made such a good match. Maybe a romantic comedy would have worked better? The stunts made my adrenaline rush, as promised but the movie left me wanting more. Especially the ending… But this movie went so many directions, and although I enjoyed it I’m not sure it was the riveting movie the previews promised me. It combined the game of Nerve in an interactive way that was very refreshing and caused me to pay close attention. I thought Dave Franco was alright in this role, but Emma Roberts’ role didn’t seem believable to me. I think this had all the right ingredients to be a really great movie, and I did enjoy this movie. It reflected on something I have been posting about, which is fighting against bullies. The end has an extreme example of how people on the internet can use their anonymous status  for evil. So, to be honest I’m torn about what kind of review to give Nerve.

See it, and let me know if you think it’s worth it!


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