When we finally meet


When we finally meet

On the side walk

Or on the street

In a theater or  quirky cafe

I wonder what he’ll have to say

Will he be poetic in his speech?

Will it be about cars, sports, or just the weather that he will preach?

Will he be carefree or intense?

Will his feelings being sudden and immense

Or will they grow over time but put down roots right on that fateful day ?

What ever the case I lay in my bed and wonder, ponder, guess, and think

When he sees me will he wink?

Will he be like those typical of my who’s who

Or will he be someone entirely new

Until that time when our paths cross

My last first meeting with the man of my dreams, and my reality

Until then I’m left to just imagine

What will it be like and feel like

The sparks will fly…

When we finally meet


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