Release the Hot Coals of Anger



Release the hot coals of anger

In my brain so much is swirling, but I have to go soon.

Swirling, twirling in my brain

So many thoughts, I wonder if I’m sane

I won’t hold on to anger

I’ll process then push it out of my way

Only the good thoughts will same

Happiness will remain and prevail

And I will unveil

The new me

Thinner from the workouts and spinach salads but also happier from the exercise

(Adding exercise and healthier food is a win!)

Happier from times with loved ones

As I recognize Buddha was right.

So think twice

Be aware of the poisonous burn of anger.

Release the hot coals

Soothe your soul

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”  -Buddha

After I worked out, my brain felt so alive and awake I was filled with this delicious ambition to write. So here we are. My followers and anyone else who is out there! Hi! It’s Maria. After this morning, I really considered my anger and anger in general, Really what is it good for anyway?

What is anger good for? Besides when I watch Trump at the gym, anger isn’t good for much. Joking, watching Trump isn’t a reason to anger, it’s a reason to act – you can channel that anger into positive actions to better our world and yourself. Better yourself, don’t let what angered you wreck your day!

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