Thinking about my Superman…


Life is so lovely, most of the time. 

Most days are pure sunshine and love, but sometimes things happen and the day is rough to say the least.

There are days full of love, joy, deep laughter, fragrant coffee, exercise, hiking, films that thrill, friends and family and so much more 

There are days not as joyful, days where the sun just doesn’t shine and if it does I can’t appreciate its beauty. The gloom weighs me down and the light just disappears.

I lose my sparkle. Or at least I feel the sparkle is melting away…

They are so painful, sad, and lonely. They are horribly cold, almost soulless days. Tears and trembling. I must push along and make it to better days. I push forward and think of who I have to lean on. 

When I think of my superman, the man who will be my everything, I don’t think of a replacement for coping. I think of a shoulder to lean on.

So during the great, sunny days, filled with so much joy it overflows. The days of love, happiness and content I think. When I think of my superman I think, no matter if the days are gloomy or happy that he will stand by me. 

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