Good Girl


the price you pay

for being nice is

your sacrifice each day,

that what you have left will suffice

and get you through the day.

no matter how many rhymes in row

you manage to dish out

you know inside and cannot hide

on what you’re losing out,

by being the “good girl”.


Always doing what is asked of you

Never asking for your self.

Doing the right thing even when it’s the wrong thing for you.

Truly losing friends and missing out.

Pondering of what would occur

Wondering if you went and just walked out.

Gasping for air.


that being overly kind is

what rewinds

Your courage level each day.

you crawl and fall.

Against the wall curling up in comfort of quiet



No more, instead prepare!

Stand and fight !

Don’t be polite screw the few (many) who’ve screwed you!

to those who don’t deserve your time of day.

Do not be timid, destroy demolish.

Jump in head first and get what’s yours.

because being “nice” is worth nothing really

if you let your love go on someone else’s arm.

You’ll live to regret that chance you got

And threw it all away.

Don’t pretend that that’s the end

It’s just beginning hopefully anyway.


it’s the fighters that will win

survival of the fittest they say.

So grab you weapon of choice

Rejoice in self-defense.

So when you recollect this fight

Win or lose You actually tried.

I’m not saying you should

be cruel and evil on this

tiny earth

for humans have been

born with original sin since birth.

Fight the inner demons with

Shield and Sword, your destiny

And you honor is what you’re fighting for


Letting down your initial guard

may be immensely hard but

when you do let go and forget

the times your heart’s been burned.

And the times you thought you’d never get through

and let someone in

drop your weapons carefully

until you can put them away for good

you’ll find him someday, and he’ll find you.

Waiting for you “the good girl”

To make good on your promise and love him without fear but with the will to fight

Happily ever after?


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