The Power of Friendship, Realized


I thought we were friends

But suddenly you possibly threw it all anyway

We were best friends

You said things…

Those comments hurt more than I thought words could.

I didn’t want that.

I did want your help.

You hurt me with your words and said you were

“expressing yourself”.

Regardless, words hurt.

Friends can break your heart too…

Maybe Saturday things will be better

Maybe Saturday things will change

For now, tears flow on their own

Because I don’t know now


But I hurt you too

And you held back on saying so

And I never knew

Until you told me

I started listening to the song

“we don’t talk anymore”

And I realized I never wanted that to be us!

We made a plan for the future

Mature adults working it out.


I was selfish and I didn’t think of you

Now I’m thinking differently

The power of friendship, realized

So, “we don’t talk anymore” can remain a song

And we remain best friends



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